We changed our name from iAdminWP to Line of Site!

In this blog post, I am going to explain the reason behind the name change and how you can benefit from this change.

The History:

iAdminWP was established about 9 years ago, where we did WordPress development for big and small companies. Like you know WordPress really change the “website developing” internet world. From programming from the ground up to install a platform with ready-to-go features. Anyone can start a website without programming knowledge.

But we dealt with a lot of “non-developers” that built a WordPress website with a lot of plugins and really just did not know what they were doing. We saw sites got hacked because of outdated WordPress plugins or themes, also just a lack of security plugins. This was a big problem and some developers saw the change to make money out of people that trying to build their own websites.

We started giving a maintenance plan after we developed a website for a client. Our promise was to keep the website up to date and make sure it is secure. This worked really really good and soon clients saw get more business to throw the website. This was because we took a lot of stress from the website owners. We pride ourselves that we are your “webmaster” but we were really more than that. We were part of your team and we communicated like we were just in the office next door.

The future:

Hosting really changed this couple of years. Big hosting companies started to build in automated updates and almost all of the cloud providing companies offer managed hosting with really low costs. The question we ended up with is what we did really enough, or are we getting out of date? Was maintaining and hosting only WordPress websites our only focus?

iAdminWP name indicted that we only did WordPress Hosting (WP), but in reality, we hosted a lot of moodle, Laravel, and all kinds of PHP applications. The problem was we can not say we maintain your website by being your webmaster but only do it for WordPress websites. We needed a solution where we can take care of any PHP-hosted website. What we decided changed our operational entirely, but all for the good. We tested on a couple of clients (with their knowledge) and found that the results were really amazing.

We really took managed hosting to the next level and partnered with services that were really light years ahead of their competitions. The focus is on performance (really amazing speeds), security where maintenance is a big part of, and of course the ease of getting any PHP hosting in a matter of minutes. No technical knowledge is required only you and your business grow without the fear or stress of handling your website hosting.

We now welcome you to Line of Site! (lineofsite.host)

Line of Site is your one-stop for non-technical hosting. Hosting you can really relay with warm-hearted people where you are really not just a number!

Values like:

  • Effective communication
  • Developing Professional Relationships
  • Professional Standards
  • Uphold Trust

While we are ready to serve you, we are still developing our client area to something really easy to use. This will take a while but you will notice that the basics are in place! We are building on the popular WHMCS platform, they are truly the best in the market. To do this integration we teamed up with WHMCS Global Services to help us integrate our dream into WHMCS.

Please check out our website and contact us as your new hosting partner. We cant wait to start your journey with Line of Site.

Johnny (founder) & Yolandi (co-founder)