Lienkie from Agri HR explains how Line of Site is helping her business succeed

The services include payroll or Payroll administration, Human resource management, or HR, as well as labor law support. If you run a farm with limited time and resources, the last thing you want to do is divert your attention from the core business, namely your bread and butter. Outsourcing human resource functions can reduce your administrative workload and free up your time so you can focus on your business goals.Lienkie Lubbe: AGRI HR:

Why did you choose Line of Site?

I choose them firstly because of the fair and reasonable pricing of their services, you pay for what you get and more. no additional hidden costs and the pricing is more than fair. Secondly, the availability of consultants, are always available and always willing to assist. It is easy to use, user-friendly platform.

What do you think about your website performance, speed, and security offered by Line of Site?

Awesome, no problems whatsoever!!

Do you feel safe about your backups and security?


What does it mean to you knowing all your website hosting is managed by professionals?

It means that I have the knowledge of a professional at my fingertips, means that whenever I struggle or do not know what to do, I will have access to someone who does, and it means that my business will be running at its optimal level 24/7.

Pricing is more than fair, and cheap if you compare it to other service providers out there. I will easily pay for a service no matter what the price if the service is good. I will with no doubt recommend them to anyone, whether professional or private, anyone big or small will be able to benefit from Line of Site – They are more hat just a service provider – THE ARE FRIENDS!!!😁