Laravel Hosting

Intended for the development of web applications.

What is Laravel hosting?

A lot of developers now use the popular framework called Laravel. Laravel is used for application development. Updating and managing the cloud server can be tricky for a non-tech business user. This is why we manage regular server updates, performance checks, security checks, backups and more.

Now you can focus on your business and stop worrying about your hosting.

Services include:

  • Your own server

    No sharing your server with anyone.

  • Your server is well protected

    Regular security checks and patches.

  • Redundant backups

    Peace-of-mind backups. Local and remote backups.

  • Dedicated IP address

    This helps your website to perform better in SEO.

  • Free SSL

    Encrypt your website with a free SSL certificate. (https)

  • Free CDN

    Free CDN up to 25 GB.

  • Advance caching

    With Redis and Varnish your website will be super fast.

  • Get your contact form emails

    Every server comes with a free SMTP service.

Managed Laravel hosting

Start from as low as $18

  • We manage your cloud server, DNS, backups, CDN, security, domain, performance and a lot more.
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Build on the best cloud infrastructure

We offer five infrastructure options from which to choose.

RGB - Linode - Full - FC - BLK - Transparent

Yes, please contact us for more information.

Sadly, no. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would love to chat to you about this.

It depends on the cloud infrastructure you choose. We offer five cloud infrastructure options that are located all over the world. With each new cloud server, you can choose your location.