How DoeDoe Doepa’s online shop uses Line of Site for performance and protection

About your business:

Like so many parents, we have a child who did not sleep well at night. Our son used to wake up 4 – 5 times a night crying and feeling agitated. We were in serious need of some sleep and I started reading up on the benefits of essential oils and Magnesium. I was thrilled to read that, in addition to assisting with SLEEP and RESTLESSNESS, the benefits when using Magnesium are amazing! I created a bath salt and added it to my little one’s bath water. We were astounded: very soon after we started using it, my son slept through the night! We have been using Doedoe Doepa since September 2018: our kids are more relaxed during the day and our son continues to sleep well at night. It also takes care of their nicks and scrapes and soothes those pesky mosquito bites.Petroné Maré

Why did you choose Line of Site?

They were referred to me by a highly successful company who only makes use of their services and expertise.

What do you think about your website performance, speed, and security offered by Line of Site?

I am extremely impressed and appreciate their continuous suggestions on how to improve my website even more.

Do you feel safe about your backups and security?

Absolutely; I have no doubt that my information is backed up professionally and kept completely confidential.

What does it mean to you knowing all your website hosting is managed by professionals?

It gives me great peace of mind knowing the hosting of my website is in capable and experienced hands. This allows me to continue to focus on other crucial parts of my business.

What do you think of the pricing?

With the quality of service both Johnny and Yolandi offers, the one would assume their fees to be fairly high. Their fees are really affordable – something I, as a startup company, really appreciate.

What do you think of the support of Line of Site?

Their support is phenomenal. I love their suggestions to help my website and its performance excel. They are constantly available for advice and help and really will go the extra mile to support their clients.

Will you recommend Line of Site to your friends and family?

I would definitely recommend Line of Sight’s services. Their service is truly amazing and they are great and friendly individuals with who you can communicate easily. I am so thankful to have been introduced to them. x