About Us

Hosting where the customer comes first!

Our vision

Our vision entails providing you with the best-managed hosting solution that is safe, reliable and fast. We want to help you grow by taking care of your hosting needs while you focus on your business.

Our mission

Our mission is to take care of the technical elements of hosting your website, giving it a safe home online, so that you can build and grow your business knowing your website is taken care of. 

About Line of Site:

Line of Site takes all the hassle out of hosting. We stay awake so you don't have to! We solve cloud management, monitoring, backups, and security problems. We solve any problems related to cloud management, monitoring, backups and security. Read the history.

We would like to do the following for our customers.

  • Communicate effectively

    We communicate effectively by listening to your needs, making sure that you know exactly what we can offer you and then giving you the best possible service so you would not have to worry about your hosting. 

  • Develop professional relationships

    We develop professional relationships with you to make sure that we give you our best. We want your business to be a success and what better way than to offer you the perfect package for your specific business. This also ensures that you stay happy by being able to trust us in doing what we are good at!

  • Set professional standards

    We keep high professional standards because we know that is what our services are worth to you. By giving you professional-standard care for your hosting, we ensure that you can spend less time worrying about your website and more time building your business.

  • Uphold trust

    By trusting us to do what we are good at, we ensure that you can keep doing what you are good at!

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